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You've looked to Independent Insurance Services to protect your car and home. Now look to us to help protect you and your family. You can take steps today to help secure your family's dreams, even if tragedy strikes. Let us show you how inexpensive term life insurance can be.

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The nonprofit LIFE Foundation offers an online life insurance needs calculator.

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*It is important to note that the quoting system is designed to give you a price without recording any sensitive information.


The rising cost of medical care and the resulting pressure on health insurance premiums make health insurance top priority if you want to have your health expenses covered at a reasonable cost.

Allow one of our experts at Independent Insurance Services to assist you with your health insurance needs for you, individually, or as a business owner for your employees. You can choose from a broad spectrum of products.  Medical, dental and life insurance can all be written for individuals and groups. We will work with you to help you select the insurance coverage that is right for you.

The health insurance system is quite complex and constantly changing. For answers to questions about Health Insurance, please click HERE for more information.

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