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Crop Insurance

Thank you for your interest in crop insurance. Please call to talk directly to a crop insurance specialist. In Marshalltown, dial (641) 752-4618 and ask for Dan or Pat; or for a crop specialist in Toledo, dial (641) 484-2140 and ask for Randy or Mike.

Why Independent Insurance Services?

Specialists in Crop Insurance
Independent Insurance Services specializes in crop insurance, and has a staff committed to servicing your policy properly.

Experience & Expertise in Crop Insurance
Independent Insurance Services offers you a consultant with a strong background in crop insurance consulting and agriculture. We have to know our business well to help you protect yours.

Commitment to Quality
Independent Insurance Services is a proud partner with LaMair-Mulok-Condon Company, which shares a commitment to quality in Insurance and Risk Management dating back to 1865.

Focus on Customers
Our belief is that “Customer is King.” We will listen to you and ask pertinent questions so we can fully understand your business and particular needs for a risk management package. This is an essential first step that is often overlooked by crop insurance consultants. Independent Insurance Services does not believe in “one size fits all.” If we help our customers thrive and survive, we know that we will have a loyal base of customers for generations to come.

It is important to work with a stable and steady crop insurance consulting firm who provides quality service that you can count on. It is also important to us that your policy is written with a company that is financially stable.

Why Experience & Specialization Are So Important in Choosing a Consultant

Product Knowledge
There is a lot more to this than people realize. It is one thing to place your operation in the right product, and another to make sure you have been offered all options and endorsements that apply to your crops and geographic area. We have spent a lot of time through the years researching all available options for you, and will continue to do so every year as changes occur in the industry as well as your grain operation.

This is a two-way street. We believe that we have to ask you the proper questions at the proper time so you do not have to second guess whether or not you are properly covered. To do this properly, it requires the depth of experience and knowledge that Independent Insurance Services offers. We will meet with you each year to communicate any changes in the crop insurance industry that may impact you, and ask you about any changes you have made to your grain business. We believe in sending you appropriate and important information in a timely manner throughout the season. Our crop insurance web site is also a great source of information, as we update it as soon as any pertinent information becomes available.

Attention to Detail
Our staff is experienced and well trained to find any problem areas from the past and help get them corrected. We also follow a thorough system of checks and balances to ensure that your policy details do not get overlooked. This is one of the most important areas of concern today as the crop insurance rules and regulations have gained enormous complexity.

We have high expectations of ourselves in this area. We believe that it should be a pleasant experience for you to do business with us. We want to earn your trust and allow you to focus the bulk of your time and effort on producing a crop. Our specialty is to provide superior service in crop insurance consulting, reporting and claims. We encourage phone calls and e-mail, even if you are not sure about something regarding your coverage or a claim. There is no such thing as a stupid question!

We have several informational and educational tools that are tailored for you. These are available via mail and in the “Insured Only” area of this web site, We also make available to you the option of having complimentary farm maps. These have been quite popular with our customers, as they simplify various aspects of crop insurance reporting and allow us to communicate in a more effective manner.

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